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System software

FTM - File Transfer Manager

General (and customisable) communications software, which sends and receives files through various protocols (network, FTP, modem). This could be automatic, but it can be used for FTP download or batch tasks. We use it for software updating, interface file transferring, without buying thir-party softwares.


The synchronous connection with a central server, which is also our development for the Vega data transmission, update the master files or data structures.


Its mainly for updating our software engine called Manage, but also can lock any VEGA databases when its necessary.

VEGAConv: IHIR (SAP) - VEGA Interface

This application does the daily conversion of datas from IHIR (a system of the Hungarian Railways) to our central database named RUHA (employees clothes).

Dbro (Data browser)

The Dbro is a general data management application for different types of databases and files in any format (edit, convert, export / import, analyze). It can be customized with menu, config files, and many options. Its built-in script language can automate your work.

CikkKonv (ItemConv) (GIR product database - VEGA Interface)

Product datas from GIR (a system of the Hungarian Railways) each day are converted into our central databases of products and RUHA with this program (datas of employees clothes and the central databases of tangible assets and stock-in-trade).

VEGAConv and FNFA (continuous and non-continuous assets) (GIR - VEGA Interface)

The daily datas from GIR of Hungarian Railways (transactions, inventory, information of devices etc.) are processed into our central databases of RUHA (employees clothes) and tangible assets and stock on hand.

VEGAConv (ESZTI - VEGA Interface)

This application gets daily data from ESZTI (Hungarian Railways structure) and processes them into the central database RUHA (employees clothes) and the central databases of tangible assets and stock on hand.

Application VEGAConv processes the basic data of customers and drawings into our central databases, and the transaction type and reason as well from GIR of Hungarian Railways.

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