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Our company

Our primarily customers are the Hungarian Railways and the firms being attached tightly. Their substance-, device-, order and stands for his respected clients' provision with the software solutions of his transport registers and the related application and system management with administrator and computerised counselling.
Our partners' administration, expense-, depository register and hereby these are we further help financing.

Our staff is skilled, highly experienced in the field of solutions to everyday computing problems as well a sin developing new applications. Promote flexible working time to the issues raised in line with a lot of inconvenience and effort in advance, quickly and efficiently respond to users' needs.

Our undertaking more than 15 of his years keep Hungarian Railways management changes before an eye, and we are heading to these the possible soon one, to adapt flexibly registrar our systems. We started as a one-man firm, but working with several employees by today, collaborating in the interest of the realisation of the above aims concerned with a sub-contractor. The clients' number exceeds the 400 heads currently, who use the software modules developed by us at Hungarian Railways branches, on his network and at productive companies.

Legal direct duplicated VPN data link insures a connection to the servers and which can be entrusted operations and distance educations with clients almost continuously.

Do you need individual business data management system? Do you want to use it quickly? Take advantage of our services! We undertake the complete solution according to your needs at short notice, at a reasonable price.

Innovations have the right background: proficiency at Delphi, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Clipper programming, and expertise in knowing Windows, Linux and Novell Netware operating systems and software MagicDraw UML.

Certainly we may not go past his coming questions and the challenges of the today: our firm applies ISO 9001 quality assurance system, that even better onto the quality and let us be allowed to concentrate on the partners' interests. The active personal continuous developments being founded on contact keeping and the extraordinary flexibility happening to the clients, our systems work with distinguished mistake statistics, surpassing the big multinational companies similar systems far.

Our company ascribes extraordinary importance to the interests of the alley. We favour a number foundation or public purposes.

LeloSoft Ltd. continuous taking a role in the service of Hungarian Railways business administration and the inner rules easier in him doing the dirty big attention and a constant yielded discussions; we may claim that our objectives catch our clientele always surely so to serve.

Strong connection keeping with our concerned parties is important part of our quality and environment policy.
In the ghost of this in the course of the years, we developed tight cooperation with our concerned parties.

Our company's construction wishes to underpin the most efficient work. Because of this plain construction everybody is accountable to the manager:

Development section:
The development section's task concentrates on the software realisation of the emerging claims maximally.

Firm maintenance, technical support section:
His tasks are: the counsel being aimed at the hardware problems arising at the clients owe the suitable function of the inner infrastructure.

Customer service and application adviser section:
Its main task is the contact keeping, which may come into existence on more levels,: telephone-, fax-, email and on a postal road. Secondly, it must look for the clients' daily remarks, concerned for his longer-term requests, coordinate of registering and respond to them.

The VPN connection is implemented between The Hungarian Railways' internal network and LeloSofts LAN - and as a result - the users PCs - as a function of the specified rights - are available to us for problem determination and resolution.

Such a connection is always required the consent of the client, since the managing program the part of a server runs at him, and has to allow the contact to him. Latest development is a result of internal network security has been a second VPN connection to be developed towards the Railway network, making it one of the other ISP in the event of failure to continue to be able to support the users.

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